Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Well, today the "Real Me" had my first victory over "The Obese Me" in quite some time.  I did not eat fast food at all today, I had only one soft drink, and egg noodles for dinner.  I had no fried food, no sweets, and no over eating.  I have got to tell you that it feels really good.  I see temptation everywhere and I feel that writing this helps me stay on track.  For tomorrow, I hope that "The Real Me" can tackle 10 minutes of exercise.  Let me know any light exercise ideas you may have.

Friday, November 25, 2011

        Well, another holiday has come and gone.  I can say that I have so much to be thankful for this year. I will say that I wanted "The Obese Me" to be absent from this year's festivities.  Unfortunately, there was no invitation, but he has been in attendance anyway.  I can say that I have the greatest of intentions everyday.  So many days, there is not enough time to eat right, exercise enough, or work to put "The Obese Me" in the rear view menu.  I will repeat the same pledge that so many of us have spoken before, "Starting tomorrow, I will dedicate myself to healthy eating, daily exercise, and the effort it takes to bring out the thin me that I know is still inside."  If you have your own holiday story that details how you enjoy the holidays with enjoying too much food, please post here and let me know.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The first week.

           Well, the first five days of the new struggle are over.  There are two things that I have learned this week.  First, it will be a larger commitment than I thought to write these posts everyday. Second, I REALLY ENJOY EATING!  I love everything about eating.  Gathering friends, deciding a location, settling on my dish, placing the order, anticipating my food delivery, actually eating the food, and the utter sense of accomplishment when I complete the task at hand. (I do still hate the part about paying for the meal.)  It is as though The Obese Me lives for one event and one event only.  I guess that makes it official, I'm an addict.  I don't know how The Obese Me fell into the grasp of addiction, but the fact can not be avoided.  I don't know what part of eating that The Obese Me is addicted to.  I don't even know if I can break the grip of addiction.                               RANT OVER!
           I did very well for the most part of the week.  I did slip a couple of times during the week because of stress.  My jobs is deeply tied to the economy.  As most of you know, this was a difficult week in the area of economic news.  It is well reflected in my diet activity for the week.  While stress surrounds us everyday, it seems that stress is the fuel that allows The Obese Me to surface at the worst possible time.  I hope that one of you can educate me on how thin people handle the stress of everyday life without eating an entire box of Little Debbie's!  I don't get it.  Thin people must smoke, drink alcohol, yell at their TVs, list to soft rock, or some other mindless activity that allows them to cope with life.  I survive it by purchasing the family size box of Donuts from the grocery store and eating the entire box before my wife sees the box in the floor of my car.  So while this week will go down as a success, there are several times where The Obese Me was well in control.  My struggle going forward will be to limit these times when my will goes weak and The Obese Me takes control.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday August 7th, 2011

This is my first first blog post.  I am sad to report that the weekend belongs to "The Obese Me".  The weekend began Friday afternoon with a meal out, Saturday had a trip to McDonald's, Little Debbie Cakes,  3 Dr. Pepper's, and many other things that make "The Obese Me" happy.  This weekend left me feeling the NEED to eat.  The entire weekend, I knew that I have done so well during the week, and these meals were destroying all these efforts.  My wife and I worked for 30 minutes tonight getting all my fruit ready for next week, and I hope that this week starts off with a more consistent effort. I know that I will count on the help of everyone who reads these entries.